Soles4Souls – Together We Can Make a Difference

picHere at Socius, we will be collecting and donating shoes to help the poor over the next few weeks. New shoes can be dropped off starting this Friday, June 6th through Friday, June 27th. We will be setting up a box in our office and for those in Chicago, please feel the next time you’re in Elgin to drop off a pair.

The shoes that we collect will be delivered to Soles4Souls, an international anti-poverty organization that monetizes shoes to create sustainable jobs and fund direct relief efforts. Founded in 2007, the organization has distributed more than 25 million shoes in well over 100 countries.

Most of the reusable shoes will be distributed to microenterprise programs that create jobs in Haiti and other poor nations. The resulting revenue will help fund the free distribution of new shoes in the U.S. and overseas.

The connection between poverty and shoes is well-documented. The World Bank estimates that approximately 400 million children worldwide – more than the entire U.S. population – live in pronounced poverty. Millions of these children will grow up never having had a pair of shoes, resulting in significant ramifications for their health and well-being. Lacking proper footwear, countless children will not be able or permitted to attend school. And tens of millions of these poverty-stricken, barefoot boys and girls will be infected with soil-transmitted parasitic diseases like hookworm, causing lasting suffering and lifelong debilitation.

Let’s fight for a good cause, together… your help and donations of shoes are greatly appreciated.