Difference in Conditions, Flood & Earthquake Solutions

CaptureDIC Coverage Bridges Coverage Gaps

These policies provide crucial coverage and close important gaps in otherwise excluded perils, such as earthquake and flood. At Socius, our property industry experts take a customized, tailored approach to designing the appropriate program to best suit you and your client’s needs. From National Accounts to Middle Market and Small Business, we can assure you that our expertise and market relationships have the strength to find a solution for any given risk. Our programs offer a low minimum premium. We have in house authority up to $10 million (depending on age and zip code) and we can write in all states. Experience the difference a Socius broker can make.

How Exactly Do DIC Deductibles Work?

There are three different ways to apply a DIC deductible, including per schedule, per location or per functional unit. Your Socius Broker is trained to understand these deductible options and how to best structure any given deal that will be most suitable for you and your insured. So, for example, if you have a 10% deductible, your deductible could apply in three different ways including 10% of the Schedule TIV also known as a per schedule deductible, 10% of the damaged location also known as a per location deductible or 10% of the damaged building actually being covered. By understanding how and where the deductible will apply – Socius can help you win at any given deal.

• Difference in Conditions
• NFIP Placements
• Flood – primary
• Flood – excess
• Earthquake, including multi-layered programs
• Buy-Down Programs

Key Features:
• No minimum premium
• In-House authority up to $10 million, depending on age and zip code for West Coast properties
• Unsurpassed market access and relationships
• Available in all states

Target Insured’s:
• Apartment Buildings
• HOAs
• Hotels
• Manufacturing
• Office Buildings
• Retail

For more information contact Michael Morman, mmorman@sociusinsurance.com, Direct: (847) 551-5132, Mobile: (415) 419-9877