Why should the Definition of Claim be amended to include “written demands/non-monetary damages”?

10856805-patented-intellectual-property-stampThe standard Directors & Officers contract responds only to suits for monetary damages. However, there are other “written demands,” and resulting legal expenses before any actual suit is filed. Additionally, some suits (i.e. intellectual property) seek only injunctive relief and not monetary damages. The amended claim wording referenced above allows the policy to respond for defense costs which would otherwise be uninsured.

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2012 End of Year Awards

SOCIUS GROUP 2Every year at our annual Holiday Party we award our employees who made a big impact in the past year. Below is a list of this year’s winners!

Over $1 Million in Revenue for 2012
– Eric Shapiro
– Kevin Kershisnik
– Darren Chilimidos
– Rodney Nubin

Over $2 Million in Revenue for 2012
– Gregg Miller
– Paul Lefcourt

Employee of the Year for 2012
Nichole Ward

10 Years with Socius Award
Chester Jaffee

15 Years with Socius Award
– Patrick Hanley
– Paul Lefcourt

James A. Peptipas Salesperson of the Year Award for 2012
This Award goes to the outstanding salesman of the year. James was a the second P&C producer at Socius that demonstrated a relentless, nonstop, salesman attitude. He worked at Socius is for 10 plus years and set an example on how to be a successful salesman. Each year we recognize a producer that brings all those qualities and reaches that outstanding salesmanship that James had instilled.
– Kevin Kershisnik

Ultimate Team Player for 2012
Cynthia Zimmerman

Congratulations to this year’s winners!